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Thank you for coming to learn more about the Launch Team for The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass! Please read through the information below, and then feel free to contact me if you still have questions. I hope you will consider joining!

The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass Launch Team members will receive an early copy of my book, as well as a couple other book-related goodies. They will make a commitment to perform tasks such as "Share a graphic about my book on Facebook" or "Request my book at your local library." Many of these tasks will be on social media, so team members who are comfortable on social media are preferred.


When would I receive my free copy?

Hard copies are scheduled to go out a week or two before the official Sept. 26 release date. However, team members will have the chance to start reading The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass even earlier than that on NetGalley if they desire.

Am I required to leave reviews of your book on Amazon/Goodreads/etc?

No. This is highly encouraged, appreciated, and needed for promotion and building momentum for my release, but not required.

Who makes a good team member?

A good team member will love books and not be afraid of talking to others about books. They will have internet and social media access. They will be from all over the country and even from other countries (if you join from another country, please note you will receive an e-book version of the book through NetGalley, rather than a hard copy). They will be enthusiastic about supporting me and will read my book as soon as possible so they can give others their honest opinion about it. They will be responsive to emails so I can keep in touch with them. They will be willing to complete as many of the given tasks as possible and not just be joining the team to score a free book :)

How do I join the team?


There are only 45 spots available on the team, which means not everyone who applies will get in. To apply, you must fill out THIS FORM by June 30. Please know that I wish everyone could be accepted, but 45 members is a restriction imposed by my publisher and I have no control over that. Thanks for being understanding about it!

Will I get tired of hearing from you by the time this is all over?

Probably. But I hope you will join my team anyway. I need you!

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